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Welcome to the I Have A Dream Community

feel free to share or reach out to someone in need

hopes, wishes, support & advice
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Basically this is a kind of support network for anyone with a specific problem or issue in their lives, and/or who just wants a kind word.

Perhaps you need us to cross our fingers for you lol, or if you're looking for advice from somebody else who might know what you are going through. We're here to listen and give advice if needed/warranted.

Financial troubles, illness, death, loss...having a baby? getting married? trying to get a new home? working towards a degree or new career? need a new idea encouraged? or trying to reach some kind of life goal...even looking for true love...things like that.

as well as dream interpretation--share what's been going on in that head of yours every night and let us take a crack at what it means! Also explain if a particular dream actually came true in anyway and how that might have happened...

I also imagine there will be a lot of fluff in here like: "i really like so & so i hope he likes me too..." but a wish is a wish--so not to take away from those with more pressing problems:

Trolling or making fun of any kind here will not be tolerated, and results in an immediate ban from the community.

GOOD LUCK. I hope all of you find what you are looking for and I hope we can all help someone feel that they are not alone in the world.

moderator: matoaka23