June 29th, 2005

(no subject)

I don't really know how this community works, but it sounds perfect for me to vent for a little while. so my problem is that...i don't have the necessary documentation to go to college, and i just don't think it's fair. I am number 11 out of a school of over 2000 people. I'm taking classes that are supposed to be preparing me for college and well, what's the point because i may not go anywhere. I dont think it's fair that people who don't want to go to college and even talk..excuse my vocabulary...crap about it, they have the chance to further their education and they just don't appreciate that. Knowing that there are kids out there who would do anything to keep studying. Teenagers who do not want to fail like their parents did. People who want to succeed and live a comfortable life. Nobody cares about that, they are putting an end to our dreams...and they're positive and good ones too. it's not like if i'm talking about, i want to be a serial killer when i grow up...i'm talking about people who want to be teachers, and doctors, etc. we are not taken into consideration. and it just sucks