January 22nd, 2004

Ok, I think I'll post this.

Well. I've had this dream on and off, and I think when it's 'off' it's because I am letting the rest of the world influence me.

Basically, I have this ridiculously old fashioned dream of having a marriage and a child. For people in my circles this is actually highly unusual, so finding someone who has the same ideas and attitudes as I do and who also wants to get married, have a chlid, and be cool with me doing the home-maker thing and stay-at-home-mom thing is going to be a tough task.

Funny thing is, I wasn't raised with anything like that kind of life... I mean it was for a bit, and I'm not unrealistic. I know it's not all picket fences and bake sales, I just know what my heart longs for.

So... wish me luck. :)