Lebana Garrett (theotherhand) wrote in i_have_a_dream,
Lebana Garrett

Hello, I'm new and I thought it would be proper to introduce myself. I'm called D, and I'm an American living in Derby, UK. I'll be 20 next week, I'm married, and I have a 10.5 month old son. I'm currently working towards getting rid of the negativity and weight in my life and replacing it with a better, happier, me for myself and for my family.

My current plan of action involved me taking all the negative groups off of my friend's list and reaplcing them with ones like this, changing the programmes I watch on TV, and making better choices on what I read and eat. I'm using a few books that I found in the library, one especially about aligning chakras seemed really common sense and I'm using the lists in the back of each chapter as a step-by-step guide on cleaning out the bad and bring back the happiness into my life, and that of my family and those around me.

I'm hoping to use this community as a way to surround myself with positivity rather than all the pain and hatred that surrounds us in the media and world today. I'm hoping to connect with other people who want a happier life.

Thinking of dreams I had last night - they all had lots and lots of stairs and escalators going up and down. I thought that was weird.

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