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Married with Kids

I'm so glad I found this community. After searching thru the gazillion out there it was nice to find one that was uplifting & not full of a bunch of odd crapola.

If anyonelse is interested, a new community was started for those of us married w/ kids just looking to either inspire or ammuse each other with ordinary life.

If interested:

To join our community simply
CLiCk HeRe tO jOiN

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just to let you know i dont normally encourage advertisement here, but ill allow it because of the content of the community...and as long as you plan to actually be an active member. thanks again and welcome to i_have_a_dream:)
ah, thank you and will note that for future reference! I appreciate it. I started the forum just because it's so hard sifting thru LJ, so much more bad than good. I love this community, it's nice..........thanks.